Mobile Crane Operator Safety Training

At MHS Training Corp., we understand that no two job sites or facilities are the same and that no lift is ever “usual” or “just the norm.” Each crane operation must consider factors like personnel, working conditions, the load, the type of equipment and more.

Topics Covered

Operator Requirements & Responsibilities | Safe Operating Practices & Procedures | Hand & Voice Signals | Applicable OSHA & ANSI/ASME Safety Standards | Crane Set-up | Evaluating Site Conditions & Recognizing Hazards | Procedures for Working at Safe Distances from Power Lines | Equipment Overload, Shock Loading | Two-blocking | Supporting Surface Requirements | Load Control | Reading Load Charts |Use of Operator Aids | Causes of Crane Accidents | Types of Mobile Cranes, Components & Terminology | Pre-operational Inspection | Pick & Carry Operations

Our Customized Approach

All of our programs feature on-site, customized safety training that is unique to your facility, equipment, operations and training requirements. Starting with an assessment and review of your existing material handling process, we will then tailor the training to your unique operation. Our highly experienced trainers are skilled at adapting the training to cover specific issues facing your operators. MHS Training Corp. provides a proactive, engaging, hands-on training curriculum with a focus on compliance, prevention and continuous improvement in safety and operations.

Equipment Covered

Rough Terrain | Industrial Cranes/Carry Deck | Telescoping Boom Cranes | Lattice Boom Cranes |Articulating Boom Cranes | Service/Mechanic Truck Cranes

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