Railcar Mover Safety Training

Reducing damage is one of the best benefits of our training. We have seen “experienced” operators drop a 50,000-pound machine onto the rails, question what the sandboxes were for and use the service brake to stop loads.

MHS Equipment Railcar Mover Safety provides on-site training to help employers and employees recognize and avoid the safety hazards they will surely encounter when using or working on and around railcar movers. Our on-site training blends traditional classroom education with training on the job site.

Railcar Mover Safety Training

Our training will:

  • Teach operators the fundamentals of weight transfer and how to generate “Tractive Effort” and “Drawbar Pull”
  • Show operators how to properly pick up a “Slave Car”
  • Educate operators on how to effectively use sand to increase drag
  • Train operators on the proper use of the air brake systems

Topics Covered

Understanding Machine Limitations | Factors Affecting Railcar Moving Operations | Effects of Weather & Temperature | Effects of Grade & Track Curvature | Track Condition | Rail Bed Condition | Number & Type of Switches to Move Through | Types of Railcars | Number of Railcars Moved Safely | Weight Available to Transfer to a Railcar Mover | Railcar Weight Distribution | Shock Loading | Securing Unattended Rail Cars | Equipment Inspection | Mounting & Dismounting Precautions

Our comprehensive operator safety training is available for all major brands of railcar movers, including Trackmobile, Rail King and Shuttle Wagon and is typically much more informative and effective than “dealer provided training.”

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